Incest: What It Is And Why Some Do It

By | September 29, 2016

lesbian-kiss-ftop-ru_57875Incest is taboo in many cultures. It is not often talked about because it is not familiar to most people. Incest is an intimate relationship between to people of the same bloodline. This could mean between a parent and a child, two cousins, grandparents and children, and essentially any combination of two people who are related to one another.

These relationships are not as common as they are in other places. Typically, most do not know of another person who is in one of these types of relationships. However, they do take place and more often than most might think.

Most of these relationships occur because of the emotional connection that is already present when two people are related to each other. For instance, the bond between a mother and her son may be extremely close emotionally. Some people misconstrue this feeling for a romantic relationship, leading themselves into a romance with their blood relative.

Historically, incest was not as looked-down upon as it is today. Sometimes, the circumstances in which these historical figures found themselves, they may have socially had no other choice. Today, on the other hand, humans see millions of people in the world and do not see the practicality, morality, or reasoning behind the choice to be involved romantically with a relative.

These decisions can also have significant effects on the family and future related families. The romantic involvement two relatives may have can lead to children in some cases. Due to having similar DNA already, it has been shown in cases of incest that there are greater chances for disorders, deformities, or birth defects that can show in the child.

Regardless of these worries, these relationships still occur all the time. Some humans feel a stronger pull when they relate to someone emotionally instead of physically. It may not always be lust and physical attraction that draws the two together. More times than not, it is the already created bond between two family members that pushes them into this kind of relationship. In some places, the act of incest is illegal and the couple can be fined or sentenced to prison. In other places, it is simply not spoken about. If one looks back through time and in all cultures, this has been happening for as long as humans existed. Although it is deemed socially wrong by several forms of government, it appears that this will be happening for a long time.

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