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By | June 28, 2020

I like to feel comfortable, but at the same time I also want to be sexy and feminine. This is why it is so difficult to choose the perfect lingerie for a date. I always try to remember by date’s preference as well, but that is not always easy. We have been really busy here at the agency, and it is more or less impossible to remember what gents like, likes Alma.

G strings are great, and can look really sexy. The only problem with G-strings is that a lot of lingerie sets don’t come with G-strings. You almost always end up buying them on their own, and that doesn’t mean that they match the bra. I do think that match a bra and underwear look really good. That being said there are some sites on line that do sell matching bra and g-string set. However, they are a bit boring as most of them are actually it black. I have lots of black lingerie and do not really want any more.

Thongs are cute as well, but I always find the elastic really bad in thong style underwear, says Alma. I always buy really good quality thongs but the elastic still seems to go very quickly. Most of my colleagues here at Tottenham Court Road escorts of say the same thing. Thinking about it, I dread to think what Tottenham Court Road escorts from spend on lingerie every year. I know that my personal lingerie bill is pretty steep, so I do think that all of us spend a lot of money on our lingerie. Maybe we should start buy collectively, laughs Alma.

Knickers are actually very nice, and the fashion seems to be moving in the direction of knickers at the moment. I went shopping with my friends here at Tottenham Court escorts the other day, and we all ended up investing in knickers. There are some great sets out there at the moment, and a lot of the London department stores are doing special offers as well. London had a really great selection, and I managed to find some nice pieces to compliment my current lingerie wardrobe. It can be difficult to find nice lingerie sometimes, and I hate it when everything is on black.

I did not think that I would end up spending so much time shopping working for Tottenham Court Road escorts, but you do. Of course, all escorts want to look great for their dates. It also makes you feel super sexy and confident when you have something nice to wear. I am sure that this is something that most ladies can relate to, says Alma. For most ladies, clothes and lingerie is a way of expressing yourself and we sort of see it as a right to shop for only the very best, laughs Alma with a twinkle in her eye.

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