Your London escorts favorite kittens

By | July 8, 2020

There are many opinions about the personalities and the nature of lovers of cats and dogs. They say that dog lovers are extroverts and cat owners, on the contrary, are introverts. Scientists suggest that differences exist, but do not deny the similarities. And today, the owner of many cats, Sarah, who works for London Escorts of, will tell us her story.


Sarah from London Escorts tells: I cannot imagine my life without animals, without cats in particular. From the early childhood these fabulous four-legged friends, cats and dogs surrounded me. And now, as an adult with an independent, I also decided to take a few of them home. In 2008 I moved from the parents, and very soon in my life there appeared a man, and it was decided to have a kitten. First we bought a kitten in the poultry market in our city, a tiny, dark haired little girl with blue eyes. My husband decided to come up with the name himself, and he wanted to relate it to computers and the cat was given a name – USB flash drive. She first had 512 mb, then 1 Gig, then 2 Gigs, then 4 … 8 … Now this kitten grew up to 64 gigs.


The next thing, that Sarah from London Escorts tells us is that the cat grew up every day happily with us, and one day the phone rang –it was a friend who had a terrible allergy on all animals: so she proposed me to take her kitten. The question of whether to take or not to take the cat did not even arise in our family. We brought her home – she was very dirty- bathed her and fed, babe. Actually, it was not a kitten, but an adult cat. After some time, she gave birth to a few other kittens, and we gave them to our friends.


Sarah from London Escorts continues: thus, we continued to live, until once in the summer of 2011 a skinny-skinny black cat came to our entrance. Of course, we immediately gave the cat food and water and from that moment I started my animal protection activities, modest of course, but still. You know, in my opinion this is the most intelligent, calm and prudent animal that I have met in my life. How grateful he was for us, and we for him, too.

In 2012, my husband and I moved into a new apartment, in a completely different area of ​​the city, in the new building. And just as soon as we got there, we got another cat, rescued from euthanasia. Young cat, wildly frightened, constantly compressed into a ball, and if you would want to touch her, she would scream hysterically from fear … I think this is it, and our victory over fear, says Sarah from London Escorts.

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