Arriving in England and before Battersea escorts

By | September 1, 2020

I did not intentionally set out to join Battersea escorts, but I ended up here after I did not make it as a lingerie model. I thought it would be straightforward to make it as a lingerie model in the UK, but I was severely let down. When I was about 17 years old, a modeling agency in Poland hires me. They kept telling me how pretty I was and how great I would do as lingerie. The only problem was that there wasn’t so much work back in my native Poland. The agency wanted me to go to the UK for work.

I arrived with a bunch of other girls in London on a sunny summer’s day. London looked terrific, and I was excited to be here. I would be sharing an apartment with a bunch of Polish girls who were already working as models in London. The apartment was not what I was expecting, but I ended up with my room, and I tried to make it as comfortable as possible. Nothing was what I was expecting.

I realized that there are girls who want to be a lingerie model. Most of them had not been successful, and they had ended up working for Battersea escorts from or other escorts services around London. I did not want to become an escort. The girls explained that it was not bad and that most of them were earning a lot of money.

The agency had helped me to put together my portfolio. I thought that I looked stunning in the photos, but the lingerie companies kept finding faults with me. My boobs were either too large or too small. It was frustrating, and I was also running out of money pretty fast. After a few days, I found a job in a bar and started to serve drinks. I am not sure if the job was for me, but I was making some money. I could afford to pay my share of the rent and eat a bit better.

I must admit that at the time, I felt rather bad about myself. When I was not working in the bar, I kept going around to all of the different agencies trying to find work. During this time, I managed to pick up some work, but none of it paid well. The girls who worked for Battersea escorts seemed to be doing better than me. It was expensive to live in London and keep up with my bills; I had to work hard. I was missing home severely.

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