One of the girls at London escorts picked up a nasty throat infection

By | September 6, 2020

She had just come back from a holiday with some of the other girls at London escorts from when she fell ill. The airplane they traveled on had not had its air filters cleaned, and the big that causes the infection back to the filters.


It wasn’t very comforting, and the rest of us girls at London escorts thought we would lose our friend. It happens instead a lot these days, and I know it has made me think twice whereabouts ago when I take holidays from London escorts. Do I stay in the UK or do I go abroad? Some places abroad have different ideas when it comes to hygiene, and it can be rather scary. It is not everyday hygiene, which is essential. Sexual hygiene, makings sure that you use contraception such as condoms, is necessary as well. I always take condoms with me when I go on holiday, but I am not sure all of the London escorts do so. Today, it can be dangerous to pick up an STI. Many of the strains of STI’s have become resistant to antibiotics. One of the girls I work with at London escorts told me that there are now only a few antibiotic treatments that can help to cure certain strains. Unfortunately, the side effects of some of them are severe, and doctors are reluctant to prescribe them. I think that most of the girls are pretty well aware of dangerous STI’s, but the overall population needs more information. It is not only STI’s we have to worry about these days. People traveling from places like Congo in Africa are known to spread a range of illnesses.


The Congo is the place in Africa where the virus infection Ebola repeatedly occurs, but that is not the only infection of the Congo. As the country’s hygiene standards are so bad, you even see the bacterias that do not survive under any other type of condition. One of the girls at our London escorts agency who is saving up for medical school, says that these bacteria can travel just as easily as Ebola. It is a virus, but you need to ask yourself who you are sitting next to on the plane? Are we too clean? Did you know that we have damaged many of the most common bacteria’s DNA by using manufactured cleaning products? Like our overuse of antibiotics, we have used parabens and bleaches to clean our homes, which has changed how some of the most common bacteria behave. They are, in fact, a lot more dangerous now.


I have stopped using artificial cleaners, and these days, I clean my home, and my London escorts boudoir with natural products such as vinegar and lemons. It smells better, and I am also doing my little bit to help to save the environment.


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