The ladies you date in Tower Bridge will appreciate you

By | November 6, 2020

I love dating escorts, but unlike many other chaps, it isn’t the bust size or the hair that turns me – it is the eyes. Some of my friends think that I am crazy to say that it is the eyes of an escort that can turn me on. They are all about hair, lips, and sexy boobs, but it is the eye with me. Whenever I surf the web looking for my next hot date, I must first look at the eyes. If the girl has beautiful eyes, I will call the escorts agency. Otherwise, I will not bother. Someone has told me that Tower Bridge escorts from have charming eyes. I wonder if this is true or not, or should I be focusing my attention elsewhere?
You are not the only agent who is fascinated by escorts’ eyes. Many agents enjoy looking at their escort’s beautiful eyes. Of course, the problem is that not all agencies tell you what eye color their companion’s eyes are. They will often indicate and give you the most intimate details, but they seldom give you the eye color.
The eyes of Tower Bridge escorts in the business, and I don’t see how the story started. However, the rumor goes that an Italian gentleman got hooked on dating Tower Bridge escorts, and he had a real passion for eyes. He was a journalist and published in an Italian paper. After a while, someone else picked up on the story and translated it into English. It was sometime after that event, the rumor about Tower Bridge escorts eyes got started. It is quite a nice story, and you might still be able to find the original article online, even though I have not been able to find it.
I know that many gents like to talk about long legs, big boobs, and golden hair, but it is nice to hear from a gent who likes to admire ladies’ eyes. I am not sure how many of these are out there, but at least we have you, and I am sure that many of the ladies you date in Tower Bridge will appreciate you.
For other gents looking for pretty eyes, you will also perhaps like to know that more escorts agencies are now trying to give their followers more details. The Internet is a great way to pass on lots of information, and I believe that is what many agencies are now trying to do—most of the time. Men are happy with their choice of date, but on occasion, something goes wrong. That can be not very pleasant for both the agency and the escort, but such is life.

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